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Reeves Electrical Company's SEO Case Study

Reeves Electrical, a company in Melbourne that wanted to do better on the internet. They wanted more people to find them online and bring in more customers. This case study will show you how Coldespy helped them to make their online presence stronger.

Before Coldespy's Intervention:

Reeves Electrical Company used to get most of its business from the customers they already had and from referrals from their friends. But there was a problem, they were worried because they were missing out on new customers who could be interested in their services. This was a big concern because it was affecting their business growth and success.

When Reeves Electrical approached us, they were experiencing the classic dilemma of many brick-and-mortar businesses in the digital age. Their website, though functional, was not optimized for search engines. And so they faced a significant challenge – despite their outstanding work in the field, their online presence remained minimal. The numbers told the story:

Traffic: A mere 10 clicks per month.

Keyword Rankings: None keywords managed to rank outside the top 10.

The big difference between how people knew them in person and how they appeared online was causing them to lose out on chances to get online bookings and inquiries from potential customers.

After Coldespy Took Charge:

When we stepped in, we noticed their website didn’t look very good and wasn’t good at turning visitors into customers. We knew that a website that isn’t great can hurt their online image. As we say,

Weak website equals a weak online identity

To fix this, we gave their website a makeover. We added call to action buttons and elements that make people want to get in touch. We also made the website load faster and work better, so it’s easier for people to use. Since most people only spend a few seconds on a website, it’s really important for the site to show them what they need fast and make them want to do something, like contacting Reeves Electrical. This way, we could get better results for them.

Suggestion and Initiation of SEO

Once the website was in optimal shape, we turned our attention to lead generation. We conducted comprehensive research into their electrical business and devised SEO campaigns targeting Google leads and social media.

Our research indicated that SEO had the potential to significantly boost their business, providing a steady stream of leads without breaking the bank. We offered SEO services starting as low as $450 per month, with a guaranteed positive outcome within 6 months. Coldespy provides a six-month result assurance, or we work for free – that’s our commitment.

Experience remarkable results in just 6 months, or we'll work for you at no cost!

Reeves Electrical invested a total of $2,700 ($450 per month) to kickstart their SEO campaign with us.

While SEO is a guaranteed but gradual process, we advised Reeves to initiate Google Ads campaigns with a monthly budget of $2,000 to get immediate results and leads. These campaigns were carefully optimized, with focus on creating converting ad copies and identifying negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic. This approach generated valuable leads each month, setting them on the right path to business growth.

Over time, after just 5 months, they began to see the desired results from their SEO efforts, and the face of Reeves Electrical changed for the better.

In addition to SEO, we also optimized their Google My Business (GMB) listing. Despite the challenges faced by many electrical companies in a competitive market, Reeves Electrical started receiving a consistent flow of 55-65 new leads every month. These leads were split between GMB and their website, with the site receiving over 250+ clicks each month – a substantial number for this niche.

They now rank on the top pages for all major keywords, resulting in a consistent flow of leads. Their lead generation process is on autopilot, with Coldespy handling all optimization tasks, ensuring their business continue to thrive.


What differentiates us from other trading coaches?

Our unique selling points is that we teach people how to make money. Every other trade business teaches them how to save time and teaches them operations. We teach them how to make money. And it’s all done for them. We turn on leads and we get them at a good price, flood their business with leads and then we teach them, we hold their hand and show them exactly what to say, how to say it to convert those leads into jobs. More jobs means more money. So there’s no other tradie business out there that can do that and that’s one of our offers is we can flood their business with 60 booked sales appointments in 90 days.

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