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Aaron Ware

Hey you beautiful human!

I’m Aaron, a founder of, I grew my first 8-figure sparky business from $0 to $30 million in 4 years.

I launched Builder Buddys to help other trade businesses scale with less guesswork and without sacrificing the most important things in life like family and health.

We believe scaling a trade biz should be simple, predictable, and fun.

I was born in a country town in QLD but currently exploring the world with my family!

James Birkinshaw

Howdy tradies!

I’m James, a founder of, I grew my first solar business from $0 to $8 million in 12 months.

I launched Builder Buddys to help guys escape becoming a slave to their business. And to teach sales so you can win more work with higher profits margins.

We believe owning a trade business should be fun and exciting.

I was born in Cairns but currently I’m living in Brisbane.


What differentiates us from other trading coaches?

Our unique selling points is that we teach people how to make money. Every other trade business teaches them how to save time and teaches them operations. We teach them how to make money. And it’s all done for them. We turn on leads and we get them at a good price, flood their business with leads and then we teach them, we hold their hand and show them exactly what to say, how to say it to convert those leads into jobs. More jobs means more money. So there’s no other tradie business out there that can do that and that’s one of our offers is we can flood their business with 60 booked sales appointments in 90 days.

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