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Our commitment is to provide outstanding virtual assistants enhanced with AI to keep growing your business to new heights.

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We Get Results, But You Don't Just Have To Take Our Word For It

These Are Common Problems We Help Our Clients Solve

"Rollercoaster" Revenue

Your revenue dramatically goes up and down from month-to-month, making it difficult to predict how much you can pay yourself and/or your team.
We install KPI tracking with our clients to identify bottlenecks with pinpoint accuracy.

Not Enough Sales Calls

Sometimes business is just a numbers game, and you know that you can't hit your goals without more sales calls with qualified prospects.
We customise our call-booking framework for each client so they have a script that's already proven to book high-quality sales calls.

Too Many Objections

You're constantly getting to the end of sales calls and suddenly you're hit with every objection in the book. This typically leads to sales call burnout.
We help our clients create content that pre-sells leads so they can get a "yes" with less objections.

Missing CRM Automation

You've got no idea how many leads (contacts) you have and what stage they're at.
Instead of losing names, emails and phone numbers of important contacts like homeowners we store them and keep them warm ready to buy.

Organic vs Paid Ads??

Organic might feel slow, but on the other hand you could spend thousands of dollars on ads with nothing to show for it.
The truth is that it's not black & white. We typically like to validate our clients offers organically to $10k-$50k/mo and then use ads to scale.

Hiring Headaches

Hiring too early, hiring poor performers, hiring too don't want to be stuck doing everything, but building a team can be tough.
Our Dyson Recruitment System allows clients to fully automate the hiring process saving you thousands of dollars and 4 hours per week.

What Differentiates Us ?

We’re the only company that installs 7 proven lead generation systems inside your company, then our appointment setter calls and qaulifies the leads so you don’t waste time with tyre kickers. We also remove all the admin tasks like posting content, invoicing, answering the phone so you can save an additional 20 hours each week. Oh and we work off a performance guarantee…meaning if we don’t get you onsites you don’t pay. Click the link below to get started.

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